Twos Program

Our Two’s Program is great way to introduce your child to school. It focuses on the social development of each child. Learning to separate from parents, share be part of a group, make friends and use classroom materials are important skills to master. Our teacher’s faciliatate social interactions between children and help them learn to join in class activities. Daily activities are designed to develop find and gross motor skills as wells as use of language of communicate with teachers and peers, all skills needed for preschool.

Sessions can begin as mommy / daddy and me transitioning to drop off when your child is ready. We have a comfortable waiting area for parents who wish to be close by as their child is learning to become independent.

The program follows a similar routine to our preschool program. Each class includes; play time, story time, arts and crafts, snack time, sensory activities and music. Each session is six week and classes meet one or two time per week.